Social Media, Graphic Designer, & Photographers for Seasons Sparkling

Seasons Sparkling

Seasons Sparkling was founded in 2012 as a vendor at Chicago's Green City Market, the creative hub for the city's food scene.  In the early years, Seasons resembled an artful project - we made delicious drinks batch by batch and participated in the spirited food community.  The earliest supporters - artists, chefs, designers, scientists, bartenders, friends - came to contribute ideas, and stayed along for the ride.  Collaboration with a diverse community became the core identity of Seasons.  The focus crystallized around making botanical drinks, presenting them through collaborative endeavors with artists, while breaking free of the conventional business model in the beverage industry.  


We create everything in-house, work with artists on all packaging & programming, and directly engage with our customers.  Seasons is a reflection of our fundamental belief that exceptional contemporary art shouldn’t merely be seen by a select few, much like thoughtfully prepared drinks shouldn’t strictly be available at exclusive affairs. No. They belong in our daily lives to be seen, tasted, and experienced.

Skills & Qualifications: 
We're currently seeking:
1. social media (entry level / part time)
2. graphic designer (entry level or experienced)

3. photographers/content makers (freelance)


To Apply: 

Please send a note introducing yourself and attach a resume.

Contact Information
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Lily Herzan