Manager of Audio Media and Operations

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TITLE: Manager of Audio Media and Operations                                

FLSA STATUS: Exempt       DEPARTMENT: Operations 


Direct internal and external operations for CSO Resound, the CSO Radio series, and other audio needs of the CSO. Plan and manage the production schedule and finances for CSO Resound, and provide strategic planning for the brand. Oversee production of the CSO Radio series, audio-media needs for the Media Portal, and lead special recording projects requested by outside parties. Perform audio/video interviews with guest artists, conductors, and CSO musicians to enhance broadcast programs and Media Portal content. Negotiate audio and media agreements with artists, labor unions, and outside vendors. Liaise with audio engineer on audio-recording quality of broadcasts, record releases, and other audio media.


Provide cross-departmental financial support and help guide decision-making through financial modeling and data evaluation. Perform ad hoc analysis for special projects and new initiatives. Develop robust economic models and provide financial insight to senior staff. Calculate and maintain cross-departmental budgets and provide regular reporting. Maintain and develop models for artistic program planning and annual forecasting. Train new hires in budget and forecasting tools.            


Provide primary support to the Vice President for Operations and Director of Operations. Assist Vice President with correspondence, administrative details, technology, and department file management. Collaborate with Vice President, Director of Operations, Director of Facilities, Chief Financial Officer, and President to advance labor and media negotiations (Orchestra, Chorus, Stagehands, Box Office), labor relationships, strategic initiatives, and other special projects. Oversee and manage keyboard instrument maintenance services, budgets, and personnel. Serve as operations liaison for the VSP/Family concert series. Facilitate information flow to, from, and within department.



CSO Resound

1. Manage and execute production schedule across CSO departments for multiple CSO Resound releases simultaneously.

  1. Develop supporting materials for CSO Resound releases, in collaboration with Marketing & Sales and Public Relations departments; manage implementation of marketing, advertising, and PR plans.
  2. Coordinate recording of CSO concerts for CSO Resound release with external providers (e.g., producers, engineers), CSO stagehands, and relevant staff (e.g., director of orchestra personnel). 2. Develop and maintain budgets for CSO Resound releases and general label expenses.
  3. Develop and implement release schedule in collaboration with Joint Media Committee.
  4. Negotiate contracts with CSO Resound producers, artists, and labor unions.
  5. Serve as principal contact for CSO Resound’s key external providers, including manufacturing, distribution, production, in order to ensure strong working relationships.
  6. Track sales reporting and communicate global sales with CSO Joint Media Committee. Process invoices for CSO Resound, including royalty statements and payments to conductors and guest artists. Maintain centralized filing for invoices related to CSO Resound. Manage CSO Resound inventory with Symphony Store manager and Finance department.
  7. Negotiate recording fees and mechanical royalties with music publishers, and prepare mechanical royalty statements for CSO Resound releases. With Orchestra Librarians, identify works’ copyright status.
  8. Serve as primary contact for CSO internal requests related to CSO Resound.

CSO Radio / Media Portal

  1. Develop budgets for CSO Radio series and revise as needed.
  2. Oversee CSO Radio series, working with external Radio Producer and Vice President for Operations to ensure Radio scripts reflect CSO priorities. Schedule and record Radio interviews with guest conductors, soloists, and CSO musicians with Radio Producer, and conduct interviews not done by producer. Review each Radio program before released for broadcast. 
  3. Develop quarterly listings for the CSO Radio series.
  4. For the Media Portal, create web pages for each Radio program and Resound release – edit full programs into single musical works and movements, select artwork, and write web copy describing each program and release.
  5. Work with Digital Content Editor to ensure CSO audio used for maximum visibility on Media Portal.

Special Projects / Integrated Media Agreement / General

  1. Serve as primary contact for recording requests from CSO departments, and for outside requests for licensing CSO material for release or new use. Share timelines and recommendations for these requests with Joint Media Committee as needed. Implement plans and oversee any contracts with third parties.
  2. Serve as primary staff contact for compliance with Integrated Media Agreement.
  3. Serve as intellectual-property contact for CSO staff. Understand and communicate relevant copyright laws for use of CSO-owned media by third parties, and use of third-party media in CSO projects (i.e., using copyrighted music in web videos, promotional materials, etc.).
  4. Additional duties as assigned.


Orchestra and Facility Operations

  1. Provide administrative support to the Vice President, including: manage calendar, email, and phone; draft correspondence and documents, including contracts; other responsibilities as assigned.
  2. Provide robust analyses and strategic insight for orchestra, chorus, stagehand, box office staff, media, and other negotiations and labor relationships. 
  3. Collaborate with senior leadership to advance strategic initiatives and new projects. Research, strategize, and manage projects as requested.
  4. Help guide decision-making through modeling and data evaluation and provide crossdepartmental financial support.
  5. Maintain and develop models for program planning and forecasting.
  6. Serve as Operations liaison for the VSP/Family Concert series. Coordinate production needs and rehearsal schedules with Institute staff, stagehands, and artistic partners.
  7. Complete research, materials generation, and recordkeeping for committees as assigned by Vice President.
  8. Expedite information flow within the Operations department, between departments, and with external constituents. Assist Operations department personnel as needed, including support for production meetings, event production, and schedule distribution.
  9. Manage Symphony Center keyboard instrument maintenance. Serve as liaison with piano technicians and instrument providers. Coordinate weekly schedule for piano and harpsichord tunings. Manage budgets for keyboard maintenance. Arrange for keyboard rentals as needed for CSO & SCP productions, offsite concerts, and other events.
  10. Manage the visa and work permit process for international touring.
  11. Oversee the compliance of all CSO instruments for global import/export. 
  12. Assist Vice President with budget management. Monitor and analyze all budgets in the Operations Department.
  13. Complete and manage department financial paperwork, including invoice payment and record keeping.




  1. Reports to Vice President for Operations.
  2. Works closely with Director of Operations, Director of Facilities, Chief Financial Officer, and Director of Budget, Planning and Analysis.
  3. Other contacts include: Orchestra Members, CSO Trustees, keyboard technicians and providers, outside contractors, and volunteers.
  4. Supervises Audio Engineer and Operations Intern




  1. Formal education (minimum of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience). Experience in the music recording industry, operations, and financial planning strongly preferred.
  2. Excellent communication (written and verbal), project and time management, organizational skills. Excellent attention to detail. Ability to research and data mine, and manage financial information.
  3. Ability to work cooperatively with a wide range of internal and external constituents. Previous work experience in an office setting preferred.
  4. Excellent computer skills: word processing (Word), spreadsheet (Excel), presentation (Powerpoint, Keynote), communication (Outlook) required. Proficiency in database (Access) and CRM (Tessitura), financial analysis and budgeting (Cognos, Forecaster), and iOS software preferred.
  5. Ability to handle confidential information.



Pleasant office environment.

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