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Jessie and Rakim Go to Therapy (2011)

IFS + Finger Puppets

I'm a life coach whose expertise is Internal Family Systems (IFS), a theatrical approach to personal growth that involves dialoguing with one's inner cast of characters to achieve self transformation. I specialize in using finger puppets to act out one's inner world. 

I'm hiring one or two people to train to be my IFS life coach. Hours would vary per week, usually between 3-6 hours per week, usually in 2-3 hour slots. Possible to create a 4 hour slot if necessary. Good job for musicians, improvisors, artists, actors, writers, etc., because your gigs come first, this job second. Schedule is flexible to fit your life (tours, shows, etc).

Location: Albany Park, 30 seconds from the Kedzie stop of the brown line (Lawrence/Kedzie). 

To see a video about this work: I'm the coach in the movie. 

Hours are approximately 3-6 hours/week, so this is a very part-time job with highly flexible hours. Pay is $12/hr paid by check, Paypal, or Chase Quickpay

Skills & Qualifications: 

No experience necessary. Qualifications are being non-judgmental, a good listener, and interested in personal growth. 

Must be non-smoking and live in a non-smoking environment, as I have HLA-DR genes that are unable to detoxify smoke (even 2nd or 3rd-hand smoke).

To Apply: 

1. Call my Google voice mail, any time, day or night, 773-234-8020.  Leave a message about whatever you want--the message is the initial interview. Be creative or not; the message is a blank slate. Thanks for understanding I can't respond to all calls; otherwise, replies generally within a week. 

2. If you have a (band /portfolio /personal /etc.) website/ blog, text me a link but leave a message also. Thanks for extending some faith in this ad, I know the message-as-initial-interview thing is unusual, but it's more effective for me than a million calls back and forth. 

Depending on people's schedules and hours, I may hire 2 or more people. Due to people going on tour, moving to Paris to study African guitar, opening a show, etc., I often have openings, even if they're only temporary, so don't hesitate to call even if this posting is old.


Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Melissa Sandfort, IFSCP
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