Chicago Sinfonietta Residents Orchestrate Project Manager

Chicago Sinfonietta is looking for a part-time program manager for the second year of a Community Residency Program called the Residents Orchestrate Project.  This position is responsible for all communication, program development, execution, and assessment of two, year-long residencies in two geographically and culturally distinct neighborhoods of Chicago; Austin and Back Of The Yards.

The Resident Orchestrate Project (ROP) is designed to ensure that classical music is more accessible to underserved communities throughout the Chicagoland area while collaborating within the communities.

Where possible, the ROP performances should be scheduled 1-2 weeks prior to each of the Chicago Sinfonietta’s five subscription concerts and the theme or narrative of the subscription concert will be reflected in these presentations. – this has been more than difficult to make happen, but the idea is still there?

Including multiple visits to each community throughout the Chicago Sinfonietta’s entire season ensuring that residents get more than one-time art experiences; partnering with existing institutions in each community that will provide physical space, audience outreach, and program input and content; and hands-on experience for attendees patterned after the orchestra’s successful audience engagement activities presented over last few seasons.

An example would be a ROP performance scheduled right before the Sinfonietta’s annual Dia de los Muertos concert.  At these events the music, guest artists, and participant activities would all key off of the basic themes of Dia de los Muertos.  The program might look something like this:

  • A musical performance provided by a small chamber ensemble of musicians from the orchestra would play repertoire, or examples of works that would be featured during the subscription concerts
  • Most programs will feature a guest artist from the community.  In the case of a Dia de los Muertos program, it might be the Mexican folkloric group Sones de Mexico, or possibly a small dance ensemble.
  • Audience members would be invited to help create an offrenda, learn how to do a traditional Mexican dance, or offer a poem in memory of a lost loved one
  • There might be food and refreshments included during the course of the program if appropriate
  • At the end of each program time will be allotted to engage participants in discussion about what they would like to see and do throughout the rest of the season.  A formal evaluation will likely be conducted at the conclusion of every sequence.  We will also ask participants to help us spread the word so that we build attendance and participation throughout the run of the season.

This basic format would be repeated throughout the season with musical performances, guest artists and audience participation activities varying according to concert theme and narrative, as well as including multiple concerts throughout year outside of CS concert themes.  Our goal is to make symphonic concerts accessible and exciting through this community residency program.

In addition to these performances, another aspect of ROP is to engage in the communities through outreach and participate in community activities such as trash pick-up days, small concerts in community libraries and community centers, and collaborate with organizations working in the neighborhoods through community outreach.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Capacity and experience in building curriculum and building relationships with partners for long-term duration of residency
  • Manage all communication with community partners including regularly meeting on-site with community collaborators (locations/distance will vary) to engage various stakeholders and community members in crafting the programs
  • Continue programing unique performances/experiences at each of two community partner locations which will include:
  • Working with Sinfonietta musicians and/or Project Inclusion Ensemble to program brand-consistent music performances at each event
  • Working with music and performing arts groups unique to each community to program performances, demonstrations, etc. at each event
  • Working with community partners (and CS Audience Engagement Manager when appropriate) to create elements of engagement at each event which can include art-making, food & drink, conversations/demonstrations from local artists, or other hands-on activity
  • Work with CS staff to program additional engagement and knowledge sharing activities at community residency locations throughout the year (art-making workshops, classical music master classes, community volunteer days, etc.)
  • Work with CS staff, volunteers, and community partner to staff programs, assigning roles and equipping staff with training/resources needed to execute each event
  • Work with CS staff to create necessary collateral to promote programs within the community and to CS patrons and stakeholder groups
  • Ensure program is well-documented and work with CS and Community Partner leadership to develop measures of success and ways to collect qualitative and quantitative data to assess the efficacy of the program and support the program for fundraising and grant reporting purposes
  • Work with CS Development staff to source and apply for program funding through grants, foundations, sponsors, and individual giving
  • Create and Manage program budget
  • Work with CS leadership to shape and scale program and select partners for subsequent seasons
Skills & Qualifications: 

Our ideal candidate possesses these skills and qualifications:

  • Skilled at facilitating discussions with a variety of stakeholders
  • Superb listening and communication skills
  • Demonstrated experience in building and cultivating relationships with a variety of organizations and individuals
  • Experience working in arts education, social groups or after-school programs for all ages.
  • Highly organized, self-starter, and able to move several distinct yet concurrent projects forward
  • Mission-driven with passion for both the artistic and social justice sides of our work
  • Demonstrated experience in developing and executing public programming

Highly creative individual possessing basic curatorial abilities to craft unique, innovative engagement activities and experiences in collaboration with community partners and CS musicians, fellows, guest artist, staff and more.

  • Need to be flexible and open to a variety of working conditions.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills and ability to coordinate resources and team members to execute programs

Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Basic knowledge of CS
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of design software
  • Genuine interest in arts involvement with Chicago Communities
  • Trial and Error resilience
  • Adhere to community ideal goals, collaborate CS resources and propel collaborative effort for improvements
  • Respectful of various cultural norms
  • Flexibility in a variety of circumstances and environments
  • Previous project/program management experience (2-3 years):
  • Knowledge of classical music strongly preferred but not required
  • Bi-lingual (particularly English/Spanish) a plus
  • Access to a car required
To Apply: 

Application Deadline: Position open until hired.  Available immediately.

Compensation: Based on experience

Please follow submission directions closely: Please submit cover letter with salary requirements, along with a resume and applicable marketing and design samples to:  Electronic submissions only.  Absolutely no phone calls are accepted.  EOE

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Courtney Perkins