Call for Proposals for THE AMTRAKLOR!

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an experiment in creative adventure and a platonic partnership on the rails, with an aim at paying forward

Application deadline: Friday, January 18, 6pm CST. APPLY HERE

Contestant Selection Night: Valentine’s Eve (Wednesday 2/13/2019), The Hungry Brain, Chicago. TICKETS HERE


THE AMTRAKLOR is an opportunity to go on free roundtrip train journey, engaging your creative process and exploring the nature of partnership along the way.

Check out the places you could go by viewing the Amtrak route map here.

How did THE AMTRAKLOR come about?

Every year, as a perk for holding an Amtrak Guest Rewards credit card, Chicago performer Nora Sharp gets a “companion coupon”: a free roundtrip ticket for a friend, alongside purchase of Nora’s own.

This winter, Nora is offering this resource to a fellow artist and using the proceeds of the process to give back to Links Hall, one of Chicago’s homes for independent performance.

How does it work?

THE AMTRAKLOR invites you to submit a proposal for a journey you would like to take by train and in (platonic) partnership with Nora. Seven contestants will be chosen for a night of non-normative matchmaking on Valentine’s Eve, 2019, where a panel of judges will interview contestants and determine the best pairing for the journey. The winning contestant will receive

  • a free roundtrip coach train ticket to the destination described in their proposal

  • breakfast in the dining car for any mornings of their trip

  • general support in planning the journey, including sleeping, food, and other recommendations

  • broadly speaking, a pretty unusual and potentially wonderful experience

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